A small horror/action FPS where you feel the presence of a mysterious entity . The entity's name is Xuluv and she needs a healthy host, a host that can be anyone around you.

Made for the BenBonk Game Jam #1 with the theme "Trust No One ".


  • Agustín Pérez Burgos - Programming, Design
  • Ignacio Pérez Burgos - Modeling, 3D animation, music
  • Juan Pablo Pérez Burgos - Modeling
  • Felipe Pérez Burgos - Music


Aditional Assets Used:

  • 3D Casual Couple LowPoly Rigged by Denys Almaral
  • Fps Microgame by Unity Technologies
  • Polygonal Modern Weapons Asset Package by Aligned Games

Sounds by:

Minian89, Barker 852, InspectorJ, owyheesound, dersuperanton, toefur, vikuserro, JarredGibb, morganpurkis

at freesound.org


Xuluv.zip 20 MB
Xuluv Mac.app.zip 23 MB
Xuluv Linux.zip 26 MB


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Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

as a jam game made in 48 hs, it could benefit from some updates for sure :P . Specially in the boss battle, it needs a bit more mechanics to shake things up